Retail Output

Plan for Distribution Support

GCI’s proposed distribution plan for its affiliates includes the expansion of strong relationships within the legal cannabis industry to help the development of store-front dispensaries in strategically placed locations across California. With this proposed plan, we at GCI believe we are set up for the most success possible within the retail distribution market.

Building Upon Success

One of the members of GCI’s management team has been successfully running and operating a retail store-front in Sacramento, California for the last 5 years. He is one of the leaders in the industry within the Sacramento area, and with his experience and proven track record, GCI is confident that his store-front business model can be replicated and improved upon even further.

With this close experience of successfully completing the licensing and opening process in Sacramento, GCI has a well-formed understanding of what it takes to do so in other cities. We are prepared to take all the necessary steps, file the proper paperwork, and conduct extremely thorough research to ensure that the legality is always the top priority for the affiliates we manage.

Looking Ahead

GCI’s primary focus for its future endeavors is maintaining and creating relationships, because we feel that strong relationships foster strong business. Therefore, we have been working hard to develop a network with many of the best in the legal cannabis industry throughout California. Currently, we are researching county and city regulations as well as working with local and state governments and organizations to stay ahead of the curve.

GCI as The Future of Legal Cannabis

GCI is determined to be the go-to business example and leader in the legal cannabis industry. Our partners all bring something extremely powerful, and this was not by coincidence. GCI’s team is a curated group of very experienced business professionals and highly educated cultivators and cannabis industry experts. Our education and experience set us apart from competitors both in cultivation and in business development.

GCI has had a strategic plan since the beginning of our formation, we have already experienced great success, and the members of our management team are all excited to continue to make even stronger business relationships in order to bring high quality cannabis to more retail store-front dispensaries as time goes on. At GCI, we are deeply committed to this goal and have all the tools and resources necessary for execution. Contact us to find out more about our team’s specific experience and how you can get involved!

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