About GCI

Green Capital Investments (GCI) is a professional management company of legal cannabis industry affiliates in the state of California. Together, we have developed our management approach around four areas of business. These are:

  1. Cannabis Cultivation Methods and maintaining superior standards are the core of GCI’s management model. Reinforcing environmentally sustainable practices that promote the production of the highest quality is the foundation of our business.
  2. Manufacturing Capability and Product Development are in place for manufacturing GCI’s affiliated product lines as well as outstanding products from other quality cannabis providers. At GCI, we manage some of the world’s most educated cannabis researchers and work on business development with experienced advisors. As a seasoned business team, we are overseeing the development cutting-edge legal cannabis products.
  3. Cannabis Extraction facilities have been established not only for supervising the growth of high quality cannabis source materials, but also to manage the extraction of ultra-pure, medical grade, highly bio-available oils for GCI’s affiliated product lines at dramatically lower costs.
  4. Retail Output has been strategized by using what has been learned from an already successful retail storefront dispensary model. Using our collective experience, GCI will build upon the established relationships we have to expand our affiliated brands and distribute managed product lines into strategically placed locations.

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