GCI’s Cultivation Approach: The Greenhouse Model

At GCI, our primary business model is to focus on managing cultivation, and more specifically, to consult on the use of the mixed-light greenhouse model. Our team has experience with all aspects of cultivation, but we specifically want to focus on the management of greenhouse cultivation as we believe this is the best model to optimize environmentally conscious production of the highest quality cannabis.

What is the Greenhouse Model?

The greenhouse model, or hydroponic gardening, is a method of growing plants without soil, instead using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. This model allows for almost total environmental control, including manipulation of light cycles so that cannabis can be grown and harvested year-round. The cannabis plant transitions into the flowering stage of its growth based on cycles of light and dark, a physiological characteristic known as photoperiodism. For cannabis, flowering is induced in the cannabis plant when the light cycle is limited to twelve hours. This is most effective when the plant can be monitored in a consistent environment. Protection from the outdoor elements help keep the plants safe from rain, frost, and solar impacts. This approach produces a yield of approximately five plus harvests annually, as opposed to an average of one harvest in a traditional outdoor model.

GCI’s team of cultivation affiliates has been engaged in mixed-light greenhouse hydroponics production with cannabis for almost a decade and we feel strongly that it is the future of cannabis cultivation. Furthermore, since California is located in a Mediterranean climate region, it makes it a perfect place for greenhouse production.

Why is the Greenhouse Model Superior?

The advantages of greenhouse hydroponics are numerous:

  • Using sterile and artificial soil helps to avoid and reduce many of the problems that can ruin soil-grown crops, such as infertility and soil-borne diseases.

  • A hydroponic system allows for the delivery of a nutrient rich solution that is readily available directly to the root mass of a plant in an environmentally sterile environment.

  • Hydroponic systems have the ability to grow anywhere and use approximately twenty times less water than soil-based gardening.

  • With different nutrient solutions specifically mixed and matched for the different phases of growth you can achieve faster growth than traditional methods.

How GCI Will Manage Greenhouse Cultivation?

GCI will oversee the use of cutting-edge greenhouse technology and high-yielding techniques to support optimal growth for their affiliates. In addition, the GCI team will be closely engaged with all the the necessary controls. Controls that will be used to manage the environment include:

  • Supplemental Lighting

  • Climate Control Equipment such as:

    • Evaporative Cooling Pads

    • Exhaust Fans

    • Heaters

    • Positive Pressure CO2 Systems

    • Black-Out Curtain Systems

    • Among Other Controls

Controlling all these factors, GCI’s affiliated growers can cultivate year-round, just like indoor growing. The difference is that supplemental lighting and climate controls are only necessary when the natural environmental conditions are not able to provide an ideal growing environment. This results in substantial energy savings compared to indoor production while the quality remains comparable.

Based on our substantial experience, we maintain that greenhouse cannabis production is the most lucrative method with notably higher profit margins than other types of cultivation. Want to learn more?

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