GCI’s Competitive Advantage

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GCI’s Advantage

At GCI, we feel strongly that our guidance of cultivation supports the production of superior products. Beyond this, we are confident that through our overseeing of effective sales distribution and marketing, we will be able to counteract our competitors through effective and rapidly deployed market penetration. Given our experience, the GCI team is ready to put strategies into action that are set to quickly gain and maintain the majority market in California and eventually within other states as the industry grows.

GCI’s management believes it has several competitive advantages over its competition, including:

  • Superior Products

    GCI’s affiliated groups are on the cutting edge of cultivation techniques, sought after strains, and have direct channels to reach consumers.

  • Superior Industry Expertise and Market Reach

    GCI’s management team is comprised of industry experts as well as individuals who have expansive business expertise across several markets.

  • Superior Sales and Distribution Engine

    GCI affiliates have already experienced great success in sales and distribution, but have also developed a model designed for growth and expansion responsive to the needs of a changing and growing market.

  • Superior Professional Management Team

    GCI has corporate officers with significant management experience and also engage in consultation frequently for optimal performance. We as a team are committed to effective communication that supports growth, both internally and externally.

GCI’s management believes that these core strategic advantages, combined with timely and adequate rounds of capital funding, will help Green Capital Investments in becoming a leader in the legal cannabis market, not only in California, but in other states in the future.

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