Manufacturing and Product Development

GCI is Ahead of The Curve

GCI’s cultivation affiliates have been thriving in breeding highly desirable and competitive cannabis strains for close to a decade. We believe that breeding and keeping proprietary genetics will keep products and techniques a step ahead of everyone else.

Poised for Creating Market Demand

Branding and creating a demand for unique genetics will be a key to keeping a constant demand for strains. GCI is affiliated with some of the most sought out boutique genetics in the market right now. Toward this, the team has used breeding techniques to revitalize some of the staple California genetics and have also bred them to the new boutique strains to create award-winning genetics. With these approaches, GCI has been involved in creating some of the highest quality legal cannabis currently on the market.

Affiliated Product Lines

The quality of products our affiliates have been capable of has allowed for the expansion of brands under the collective that have far reaching market potential.

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